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 Name: Ngoc

 Zodiac: Pisces/Dragon

 Nationality: Vietnamese



  Cooking (duh)


 Watching TV with the hubs and pup

 Reading fiction


 Alternative, indie, and electronic music




 Web comics

 Gizmos and gadgets



 Bento (duh)

 Mini Cooper convertible (sport please!)


 Full-screen video iPod

 The beach

 Small, cute things

 Hack 'n slash


Decidedly doesn't like:

 Liars and lying (unless it's a wee white one)

 Leaving lights on when no one's in the room

 Left lane drivers who don't signal left turns



My Photo

Agent 00-Bento


Unbeknownst to many of her friends, a whole lot of family, and all but a few of her coworkers, Ngoc leads a secret double life. By all accounts, she is a relatively ordinary gal who likes to spend the few hours she's not slaving away at work with her husband of 3 years, their silly dog, and her friends and family. She also (usually) squeaks in time for some of her other hobbies, as well as for household chores, grocery shopping, and the occasional vacation. 


In addition to her 'normal' life, however, Ngoc manages to spend inordinate amounts of time planning and cooking bento lunches, shopping for bento food, scouring bento websites for recipes and ideas, trolling eBay and various online stores for bento boxes and supplies, cutting nori into whimsical shapes, coming up with ways to make food cute, taking photographs of her creations, and updating her bento website. Her patient husband is faced with washing many small bento implements, but overall benefits greatly from her obsession.


Ngoc hopes to one day enhance her already impressive time management skills (or perhaps her ability to survive on paltry amounts of sleep) such that she can pick up her singing lessons, indulge in the occasional pedicure, learn to golf, and re-learn Spanish.  Ngoc also is working to fit exercise back into her regimen (and thereby fit back into some of her pants).   


You can email Ngoc at ngoc at cookingcute dot com, and she will do her best to respond promptly.