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January 9, 2007
When crabbiness is good . . .

[bento bowl set with noodles, crab hotodogs, veggies, egg, instant soup mix]

Top left: bento bowl/lid with packet of instant soy broth packet
Top right: noodles with crab-shaped mini-hotdogs and seaweed/rice cracker topping
Bottom: steamed carrots and broccoli, fish-shaped hardboiled egg, crab-shaped mini-hotdogs
Inset: noodle soup in action!

[bento bowl with soup assembled]A quickie bento -- noodles and soup packet were from the refrigerated section at H Mart (I forget which brand). I used my microwave steamer to cook the carrots and broccoli, and an egg mold and hotdog cutter to make the fish and crabs. Easy peasey!

Hint for hotdog cutters: to reduce the loss of appendages, put the hotdogs in the freezer for 10 minutes and coat your cutter with cooking spray before use.

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