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January 24, 2007
Nanny nanny boo boo!

[half moon bento with carved fruit, berries, and yakisoba]

Left: lady apple, clementine, raspberries, blackberries
Right: yakisoba with beef, carrots, red bell pepper, yellow bell pepper, and broccoli

[closeup of carved fruit]It appears that little Mac (the apple) and his friend Clem are playing hooky from school. Bad fruit! Bad! ;-)

To see a larger picture of the fruit, click on the inset to the right. I used the tip of a paring knive to carve the fruit, and the eyes are made from blackeyed peas. Mac's tongue is a small strip of red bell pepper, his arms are cut from carrots, and he sports a little broccolini 'fro. Clem is one of the smallest clementines I've ever seen. When I saw him in the supermarket, I just had to get him. Mac is a lady apple. You can imagine how much his fruitmates at school tease him because of his 'variety,' but he is a chipper little fellow overall.

The yakisoba is decidedly boring in comparison, but very tasty! I used Maruchan's prepackaged noodles and powdered sauce mix, which I find in the refrigerated section at my H Mart. I usually store it in my freezer and either defrost in the fridge overnight or in a bowl of hot water in the morning. All you have to do is stir-fry your protein and veggies, slide them out of the wok (or pan), then add the noodles from the pouch, 1/4 cup of water and the flavor packet. Stir-fry to combine, then add the toppings, mix well and you're ready to go.

So it turns out that I am indeed leaving for Phoenix tomorrow morning and probably won't be back for a week or so. Mac and Clem are excited because they get to stay on the front page for longer than their other bento friends. ;-)

Phoenix/Tempe folks: Is there anything going on from now until the end of the month? There's a big group of us going out there on business, and it would be nice to have something to do (other than bento shopping) during what downtime we may have. Any games? Great restaurants? Dim sum recommendations? Let me know either at ngoc[at]cookingcute[dot]com or via the LiveJournal link. Thanks!

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