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February 14, 2007
Happy 1st V-Day!

[single bento tier with colored rice blocks, teddy bear, dumplings, and veggies]

Contents: teddy bear onigiri stuffed with tuna/wasabi/mayo mixture, mini-onigiri stuffed with more tuna mixture and shaped like building blocks, baked shu mai dumplings, steamed broccoli, and grape tomatoes

Today's bento is dedicated to my sweet niece, miss Audrey Rose, who is a whopping 2 weeks old. I hope she is allowing her parents to sleep a bit!

Rice is colored with Wilton's food coloring, letters are made of cheese, accents on bear are made from nori and cheese. I used one of my egg molds to shape the bear's head and shaped everything else by hand.

Finally back to bento-ing after a long trip out of town and a lot of craziness at work. Miss me? =P

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!

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