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March 9, 2006
Color me pretty

[bento with kung pao noodles tier and fruit tier]

Top: strawberries with brown sugar, mango, mandarin oranges, sliced baby bananas tossed with honey and lime juice
Bottom: spicy kung pao noodles with chicken, carrot stars, yellow bell pepper flowers, cabbage, green beans, and broccoli, topped with roasted peanuts
Dessert: (not pictured) my last panda cake -- must buy more this weekend

I was feeling fruity today. =^.^= I tossed the baby 'naners with honey and lime to help keep them from turning brown. It tasted very tropical. :) The kung pao noodles are from a pre-packaged mix (boiled the noodles, cooked the chicken and veggies, tossed everything together with the sauce).

I use a lot of pre-cooked and packaged foods to fill out my bentos. They save a ton of time in the morning, and a lot of them are quite tasty! I decided to keep track of the different brands and food items that I've tried here: Prepared Foods List.

Oh, and this bento blog turned one month old yesterday -- weehoo!