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March 10, 2006
New bento box!

[egg chick bento with onigiri]

Front: egg-chick in a nest of quick-pickled carrots, onigiri stuffed with tuna & wasabi-mayo, grape tomatoes, strawberry
Back: fried rice with chicken and veggies, sliced cucumbers, sliced tamago

I got a new bento box yesterday as a birthday gift from the lovely miss cat! You can see it in all its glory on the bento boxes & accessories post (picture-heavy). I did my best to do it justice with the little food that I have in my fridge (I am always cleaned out by the weekend).

The quick-pickled carrots were inspired by sakuraminamoto -- you just rub some salt into the carrots and let them sit while you prepare the rest of the bento. When you're ready, just rinse the carrots off well and blot them dry. The salt flavors and tenderizes them.

The tamago was leftover from when I made sushi earlier in the week, and the fried rice is leftover filling from when I made omuraisu. See? Told ya I was out of food. ;)

I've already eaten the ill-fated chick and one of the onigiri for breakfast. Yummy! =^.^=

There's a tutorial for the chickie!