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March 21, 2006
A bit of Greek flavor...

[bento with Greek tamagoyaki, shrimp, and other goodies]

Left: "Greek tamagoyaki" with spinach, tomatoes & feta cheese, sliced-cucumber separator, and a teriyaki stir-fry of shrimp, zucchini & onions
Right: rice with furikake
Dessert: (not pictured) a honey tangerine (that cost a whole dollar!!)

I was digging through my fridge this morning trying to decide what to make for lunch and the feta cheese caught my eye. It's certainly not Japanese, but hey, the Thai-style dumplings yesterday weren't either. ;)

I'll be curious to see how the shrimp stir-fry holds up. I used frozen cooked shrimp (defrosted overnight in the fridge) that I marinated in a bit of teriyaki sauce and then tossed with the other ingredients in a frying pan with more teriyaki sauce. This might be one of those dishes that might taste better warm. Then again, I may not be the best judge as I think cocktail shrimp would taste better heated up. :P

I used one of my mini-cookie cutters to make the carrot sakura flowers, and I cut the leaves from some zucchini peel.

4 large eggs
1/2 tsp. salt
pepper to taste
fresh baby spinach leaves
sliced tomatoes (I sliced grape tomatoes, which was all I had on hand)
crumbled feta cheese
canola oil cooking spray
  1. Whisk eggs, salt and pepper in a large measuring cup until just mixed.
  2. Heat a tamago pan* over medium to medium-low heat. Spray the pan with cooking oil, then pour a thin layer of egg into the skillet (about 1/4 to 1/3 of the egg mixture). Tilt the pan to coat the surface evenly with egg and break any air bubbles. Place a layer of spinach leaves on top of the egg. When the egg begins to pucker around the edges, push/roll the egg with chopsticks or spatula from one end of the pan to the other so that you have a cylinder of egg. Leave the "egg log" in the pan.
  3. Spray the pan lightly with more oil. Pour more egg in the pan and tilt it to spread the egg around. Lift the egg log and let the egg run underneath (it will help the rolling process). Spread the sliced tomato top of the egg and, once the egg starts to pucker, use the egg log as your core and roll in the other direction. Try to keep the egg log as 'tight' as possible while you're rolling
  4. Again, spray the pan lightly with cooking oil and add another egg layer, tilting the pan and allowing the egg to run underneath the egg log. Crumble feta cheese over the last layer of the omelet. Once the egg starts to pucker, roll the egg log over the last layer and let it sit for a few moments with the flap on the bottom to seal up nicely. Watch your heat and lower it towards the end of cooking to prevent the log (as it gets bigger) from browning too fast due to its weight.
  5. Remove the log from the pan and cut into 8 equal pieces. If your log is not as uniform as you like, you can roll it using a sushi rolling mat (lay down a layer of plastic first).
* A tamago pan is rectangular, allowing your egg log to come out evenly. You can use a circular pan - your egg log will just be a little fatter in the middle than on the ends.
* Use gluten-free products
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