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March 24, 2006

[badtz maru bento]

Left: stir-fried beef, orange bell pepper, red bell pepper & scallions, garlic snap peas, mini-weiner hexapi
Right: Badtz Maru!

Hahaha! I love how sour Badtz Maru looks. Even when he's being nice and giving you a flower. =^.^=

Some folks commented yesterday that the kissy onigiri reminded them of Bad Badtz Maru. I had forgotten about the little fellow! He is so dourly cute that I had to try to bento him. This was definitely a special project and is not meant for rushed mornings. I may never do it again. ;)

Anyway, I made myself a paper stencil for Badtz and then cut him out from a sheet of nori, with holes for his eyes and belly to show through -- a delicate task as nori can flake and break easily. I used cheese for his beak and feet (sticking the cheese in the freezer for a bit helps with the cutting). The tomato flower's stem is made from a single baby spinach leaf. (I did the nori and cheese last night and assembled everything this morning.)

Did you know that nori is like shrinkydinks? The cut out originally touched the top and bottom of the bento box, but once the nori hit the hot rice, it started moistening and shrinking. In fact, the shrinkydink effect kind of messed up one side of poor Badtz's face. It was perfect before I tell you!

Happy Friday and have a great weekend!