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May 2, 2006

[bento with shrimp cake and dumplings]

Top: mini-shrimp burger patty, sliced cucumber and grape tomatoes, broccoli and red bell pepper stir-fry, meat and vegetable dumplings sprinkled with sichimi togarashi
Bottom: rice with furikake, carrot sakura flowers with oregano leaves
Dessert: mini-Milano cookies, mini-chocolate wafer cookies

Ugh. Stayed home from work yesterday as I am still getting over a virus I caught last week -- my voice was so hoarse that I sounded like a trucker. :P Almost better though!

Today's bento is called Lazy Girl Bento. I am still feeling a little sluggish, so I went for quick and easy. The dumplings are from my freezer (brand is listed in the Prepared Foods List), the shrimp burger patty is leftover from dinner last night (I made jumbo patties, so I didn't have enough mini patties to make mini burgers like last time), and I used some store-bought teriyaki sauce for the veggie stir-fry (also in the Prepared Foods List).