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[flowers made from hotdogs]

[diagram of how to make hotdog flowers]
There is nothing quite as romantic as a bouquet of hotdog flowers.

Ok, so maybe there are a lot of things more pleasant, but hotdog flowers sure can add a lot of cuteness and floral happiness to your bento.

To make hotdog flowers, slice off the ends of your mini-wieners (or cut your regular hotdog into segments).  The height of the flower depends on what you need for decorative purposes.

Then make a series of shallow cuts into the flat part of the hotdog as shown in the diagram.  To create more petals, add more cuts.

Cook your hotdogs as you would normally – boiling or pan-frying are probably best, as the microwave tends to warp hotdogs.  Once the hotdogs are cooked, wedge a firm bit of food into the center of the cuts on the flat surface to spread the petals out.  I used pieces of carrots in the example above.  Corn kernels are a good choice as well.


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