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Eggstatic tee - $21.99

kid's shirt

Kids logo tee - $9.99

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Take Me To Your Leader
tile coaster - $18.99


Logo mug - $13.99


Logo apron - $16.99

tile box

Pandamonium tile box - $18.99

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Logo tote bag - $14.99


Eggstatic magnet - $2.25

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bento box

Charmy Kitty bento - $35

bento box

Sakura bento - $18.50

onigiri tee shirt

Angry Onigiri tee - $19.99

cookie cutters

Mini-cookie cutters - $10.00


How I started cooking Japanese food. :)

chebe bread

Like Puff and Pao in NY!

tinkyada pasta

Tinkyada brown rice pasta


Easy and delicious. :)

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Click now for J-List! 

J-Box is one of my favorite stores to buy bento supplies (and other Japanese goods). You can find bento boxes, wiener cutters, utensil sets, cookbooks and other cookware and tableware. They also carry Japanese snacks and other unique Japanese goods.

J-List is the "over-18" version of the site. I prefer J-Box, but to each his own!

Amazon has a huge selection of bento-friendly kitchenware and cookware, including insulated bento containers, mini-cookie cutters, and ice cream molds that can be used for rice and eggs. Check out all their great cookbooks too! Click here for my Amazon recommendations for bento supplies, groceries, and sushi supplies!
Amazon's Grocery section has a great selection of Asian foods and gluten-free products. There are lots of good deals to be had, especially with regard to the GF products (which are generally pretty pricey).
Gluten-Free Foods Online
Humongous selection of gluten-free foods. Three cheers for the Gluten-Free Pantry!
gluten-free products A great source for gluten-free products with lots of specials. All Gluten-Free Pantry products are 20% off right now. is another great site for all things cooking. You can find just about anything!
No explanation needed, right? Barnes & Noble features lots and lots of books, including (of course) cookbooks galore!
Click here for your favorite eBay items 
I buy so much bento stuff on eBay. Check out the Links and Resources section for my favorite eBay stores. If you haven't registered for an eBay account yet, what are you waiting for? Click here!
ebay stores 
Got something to sell? Want to make your goods more visible? Open a storefront on eBay! eBay stores are a great way to showcase your products and get people (like me) to buy from you. & sell books music movies games 
eBay's, buy more for less! Great selection at super-cheap prices.
CafePress has the cutest products! Be sure to check out the Sushi Shirts XD store, which has hilariously cute onigiri and sushi designs (that I use for LJ icons).


Money burnin' a hole in your pocket? Why not subsidize my bento obsession? I'll put your $$$ to good use. Promise! ;)